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Business overview
Display BU
Display BU
Sangbo Provides Industry’s Best Performance
Sangbo Display BU’s new complex optical sheets are recognized globally as a global standard in the display industry.
Based on its new complex optical sheets which were the first to be developed globally back in 2008,
Sangbo’s Display BU is now a recognized global leader in optimal films for displays shaping the industry technology standards. Sangbo is committed in offering top-notch optical films for displays for its global customers through on-going R&D efforts to build upon its 40 years of experience in coating and material technology.
While pursuing outstanding supply, quality and technological competitiveness in the optical films market,
it has been rigorously following its technology roadmap to lead the future growth via reliable quality, maximized production efficiency, and new technology development and, thus, been able to strongly hold on to its global No. 1 position.
Moreover, Sangbo Display BU has built a production plant in China, known as the very battlefield of the global TV production, to be able to respond quickly on site to supply, development and CS needs in a real time basis.
Sangbo’s Display BU currently offers high-tech material optical films (optical films or optical sheets) that go into Back Light Units of various applications (TV, mobile phones, tablet, laptops, monitors, ads, electronics industry, gaming devices etc.) to many of the global set players.