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Business overview
New Materials BU
New Materials BU
Sangbo Provides Industry’s Best Performance
Produces highly functional films based on top tier product technology
Based on globally proven film production technology, Sangbo New Materials BU never ceases its R&D efforts for new applications. After successfully proving its capability to mass produce CNT / PEDOT / AgNW / and Graphene, it is perfecting its development for LCD Protection Films and LCD Glass Decoration Films along with other next-generation products in the pipeline.
By combining its existing core technologies for display and window films with research findings for new materials, New Materials BU has secured dispersion solution technology, low-temp and wet coating technology, electrode patterning technology for TCF films; and color and metallic texturing technology and glass adhesion technology for Glass Deco Films.
Highly functional new technologies can be applicable to various areas including “Flexible Displays, TSP, OLED, food packaging materials, PV-solar, PDLC ,ads(TLM), heat-generating films for electronics”, and efforts are underway to continuously develop other applications.
Based on 40 years of experience in specialized coating and manufacturing, New Materials BU has been acquiring highly functional technologies to be able to flexibly response to the electronics device parts market, while continue on with its R&D efforts to develop new emerging materials that may be used for consumers in their everyday lives.