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HCPS Process
HCPS Process
Customize Your Own Film Products!
Pre-step: Sample test of standard products - The preparation process enables us to understand the customers, helping us suggest, review, and conduct sample tests with different lineups.

1. Choices : As a product design process, the process helps define the most appropriate window film lineup and specification of applications matching customer's demands.

2. Agreement : This initial contract step consists of in-depth meetings with development experts and sales representatives of Sangbo on the product design based on the nondisclosure agreement and letter of intent, to define the initial price and development grade and to understand and confirm customer needs.

3. Development : The defined film product is developed by Sangbo's HCPS R&D team. The process takes from two to three weeks and up to six months depending on the development level.

4. Sample Confirmation : Lab samples are provided with precise product specifications and information, such as structure, materials, properties, and durability for customer's final confirmation. Additional lab samples are provided if modifications are required and samples through the main production line ('line samples') may also be provided upon request at a separate charge.

5. Agreement : Important terms and conditions on the HCPS service, such as exclusivity, volume, delivery, price, warranty, etc. are mutually agreed on as a final procedure.

6. Production & Delivery : Production is carried out for the actual order quantity, based on the lab samples confirmed by customers. The production lead-time generally takes 4 weeks during nonpeak seasons and 15 weeks during peak seasons, but varies depending on the product type, quantity, and peak/nonpeak seasons. Following production, products are delivered to the customers, who will be updated on the exact manufacturing and delivery status of their orders through sales representatives.