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Product Development
Product Development
Customize Your Own Film Products!
Customer product development
Sangbo's HCPS Service is supported by an industry leading corporate R&D Center. It is housed with outstanding researchers working to develop and deliver products that match completely with customer's needs.
Product development
Design your own products with Sangbo's HCPS Service
Product development is classified into three classes based on application, functionality & performance, and material & structure: A, B, and C. The development period may range from two weeks to eight months. Customers who wish to launch differentiated products in the market may obtain exclusive rights to the resulting products by paying development costs. The cost of transfer ranges from USD 2,500 to USD 40,000, depending on the development class and whether customers opt for exclusive rights of ownership.
Product Development Grades
Product Design Guidelines
Grade Descriptions
Grade A New & higher specifications products, lab sample x1
Grade B Film structure and coating material variation of listed products, lab sample x1
Grade C Color, IR Rejection, VLT variation of listed ODM products, lab sample x1
Product Development Period & Cost* (50% advanced payment upon SPEC agreement)
Product Design Guidelines
Grade Period Estimated Cost
Grade A 6-8 months Approx. USD 40,000
Grade B 3 months Approx. USD 25,000
Grade C 2 ~ 3 weeks Approx. USD 2,500