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Visually impaired file suit against online retailers
2017. 09. 08

Nearly a thousand visually impaired persons filed a 5.7 billion ($5 million) lawsuit against online retail giants Thursday, saying they are discriminated against due to their limited accessibility to their services. 


A group of 963 visually challenged people filed for compensation against Emart, Lotte mart and eBay Korea with the Seoul Central District Court, with each person seeking 2 million won.


“Companies constantly discriminate against the visually impaired when they provide services online,” the group said, citing their lack of audio services on their shopping sites. 


They said that the shopping service providers violated the law stipulating a ban on discrimination against the disabled, which came into force from April 2008. Those found guilty could face a jail sentence of up to three years and a fine of up to 30 million won.