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Window Films
Window Film
Sangbo provides Industry's Best Performance
Carbon Films – Excellent durability
Uses nanocarbon that does not decolor or change color, as colorant
Outstanding visibility through nanocarbon dispersion technology
Can be easily attached to various types of glass
Ceramic Films – Outstanding optical properties
Uses nano ceramics that does not decolor or change color with oxidation, as colorant
Able to block heat at a high VLT environment
Excellent visibility via nano ceramics dispersion technology
Can be easily attached to various types of glass
Carbon Ceramic Films – Excellent durability and optical properties
Product that combines durability of carbon and heat blocking performance of ceramics
Offers various colors and optical properties, with top-notch heat-blocking performances in the industry
Excellent visibility through nanocarbon ceramic dispersion technology
Can be easily attached to various types of glass
Carbon Ceramic Sputter Films – Excellent durability, optical properties and eye-catching exterior
Combines carbon ceramic films with sputter films
Based on heat reflections of sputters and heat absorptions of ceramics, can perfectly block sunlight twice offering top-notch heat blocking performance in the industry
Protects the sputter layer with carbon ceramics to prevent potential decoloring from oxidation or property changes of the sputter film
Adjusts reflection rates with carbon ceramics to look fabulous on the outside and prevent mirroring in the inside
Can carefully adjust infrared reflections according to its applications – construction, front of vehicles or side/rear of vehicles – to prevent potential frequency interference with other vehicle equipment
Applies nanocarbon ceramic dispersion technology and ultra-transparent sputter films for exceptional visibility
Can be easily attached to various types of glass

Key benefits of Sangbo’s window films

  • Product diversity
  • Can meet various color and optical properties according to the needs of consumers
  • Excellent durability
  • Unlike dyed and dye products of other competitors, can prevent decoloring or color changes near perfectly = uses carbon and ceramic as major materials
  • With just a single application, it lasts for a period similar to the lifecycle of vehicles (approx. 10 yrs) without any color or property changes
  • Good visibility
  • Based on nano dispersion technology for carbon and ceramic materials, prevents haze on the coating
  • Visibility as good as glass
  • Convenient installation
  • Optimizes shrinkage rate of films to well attach to the curved glass on vehicle
  • Can be applied to large glass windows on constructions based on excellent adhesiveness
  • Film surface offers excellent hardness and stiffness, and is highly adhesive to glass that it prevents scratches, film folding or wriggling when squeezed
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