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R&D Center overview
R&D Center overview
A global leader in material science and optical technology

Sangbo Corporate R&D Center

  • After it was established back in September 2002, Sangbo R&D Center has evolved to now consist of Display Technology Lab, New Materials Technology Lab, and CMS Technology Lab. Based on its research talent pool of more than 30 Ph.D and Masters degree holders as well as on-going collaboration with external experts via joint projects across the industry, academy and research centers (KERI, ETRI, Abu Dhabi Nationnal R&D Center in UAE, Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea Univ., Illinois Institute of Technology etc.), the firm has never ceased to strive for top-tier technology.

Display Technology Lab

  • Display Technology Lab is leading the optical films market for LCD displays based on a) its diverse heat/UV curing derived material technology and, b) UV imprinting and Roll to Roll Wet Coating process technology. We secure optical films fabrication technology across all LCD display spaces ranging from dispersion film, prism films and complex films for small-sized displays (tablets, mobile, automotive) to mid-to-large sized displays (TV, Monitors), and are shaping the new innovations in ultra thin complex film, all-in-one films, and reflective polarizing films.

New Materials Technology Lab

  • New Materials Technology Lab is a leader in Korea’s nano materials industry combining its large-sized thin coating technology and nano new materials technology. Based on its research on synthesis, dispersion, mixing and coating technology for nano particles including QDs, silver nano wires(AgNW), and CNT etc., New Materials Technology Lab aims to secure distinctive competitiveness in display, and pioneer through the next-generations transparent conductor market to thereby develop new functional material products for what the customers would need for the future.

CMS Technology Lab

  • Based on wet coating, metal dry coating, various patterning and coating technology of organic/inorganic materials, CMS Technology Lab studies all products in the form of films or sheets that can enhance convenience for the lives of consumers whether by improving performance of or endowing new specialized functions to existing products --from “products that leverages the optical properties such as transmission, reflection, absorption and refraction of light” to “products that can protect the surface and enhance exterior design” or “functional films with tailored performances”.